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Listen to Paul Stewart's "Fly Free"


PAUL STEWART Vocals and Acoustic Guitar




ADAM WAKEMAN Piano/Mellotron

DON AIREY Hammond Organ


Backing Vocals:

Paul, Victoria, Dylan, Lucas, Zac and Ashton Mark, Anne, Leona, Marcus, Andreas and Johan

Drums and Keyboards recorded at Konk Studio's

Engineer Ben Mason

Backing Vocals recorded at Echo Studio's

Engineer Jamie Masters

Lead Vocal, Solo Guitar and Additional Guitars recorded at British Grove Studio's

Engineer Richard Cooper

Assistant Joe Kearns

Mixed by Richard Cooper at British Grove Studio's

Mastered by Mazen Murad at Metropolis

Produced and Recorded/Mixed by Paul Stewart and Matt Prior

British Grove:

David Stewart Studio Manager

Graham Meek Technical Engineer

" I cannot think of a more wonderful gift to receive for my Birthday. I did not know that my son Paul could sing; write music, or lyrics for such music. What a surprise and delight. Our younger son Mark created the pictures to go with the music so well; representing the wonderful and exciting life that I have enjoyed with my wife Helen and both of my sons and their families.

To have Eric Clapton play on this CD and DVD is another enormous thrill and privilege for somebody who enjoys Eric’s music as much as I do. Eric is a good friend and one of the great musicians of the world.
I am so proud and honoured that they created all of this for me"

Sir Jackie Stewart

" Thank you so much to:
Eric for urging me to write the song and coming to play on the track at a very busy time; Matt for all he did to pull it all together and finally to 'Uncle' George who was always with me as I searched for guidance. Dedicated to my mother and father with love."
Paul Stewart


(Words & Music by Paul Stewart 2009)

Well well, here we are tonight to celebrate with you,

and I’m so pleased that we are here for you,

I’m so proud of the things we’ve done with you,

Thank you all for coming here tonight, I know he’s honoured too

While we’re here, let’s take the time to recognise the magic that’s got

us here

So many souls that you have shown me

Some good, some tough but they all brought us here

In so, so many ways, we thank the good and the bad

If you fly with crows, you’ll get shot at...

Well I’m so pleased that we are here to party with you

So bring on the music, let’s dance and sing

We love you so dearly but please don’t judge us tonight...

We’ll just do what we can and play with the vibe!

JYS, LHS I owe it all to you

This song didn’t come easy but the words are from my heart

It’s my gift to you for your three score and ten

What a wonderful place to be I hope to get there too

If you fly with crows, you’ll get shot at...

Well I’m so pleased that we are here to party with you

So bring on the music, let’s dance and sing!

We love you so much for all that you are...

So bring on the music, let’s dance and sing

Fly... free... be... strong....

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